Promoting Peace to a Culture in Crisis

A movement by this generation to heal our world.


enduring Peace


Political Bitterness. Relational Turmoil. Racial Inequality.

These are dark times indeed . . .

Neighbors don’t speak for fear of political disagreement. Hostility and skepticism are increasing as those with different views clash with one another. . People feel more divided, more depressed, and more frustrated because of social media and the news highlighting these differences.

Is there any way to bring peace to help heal strife in this modern age? We are designed to be in relationship with one another and to meet one another in love —not just those who look and think like us, but our neighbors, enemies, and those who differ from us politically, socially, and ideologically. Through seeing the humanity in one another, we can unite to pursue peace, justice and healing for all human beings.

Community Programs that Spark Social Change

Good Culture

Good Culture's mission is to cultivate awareness and civility toward one another through the creation of healthy, pluralistic spaces. Our multi-faith and multicultural college fellowship events strives to bridge the silos that have developed among different groups. These new alliances position individuals to be ready to take meaningful action in the future.

Justice Movement

Justice manifests naturally as an outward expression of internal changes of heart and soul. Our exercises and workshops encourage introspection and allows people to put themselves in one another's shoes to create an outpouring of justice. Justice is being. Our Be Kind Challenge cultivates acts of kindness to one another that we believe will create a more just world. See and interact with this challenge through our social media platforms!

Soul Expression
through Art

Soulful expression through the arts fosters our understanding of one another and ourselves. Art, music, and dance give life to the feelings we sometimes can’t put into words — grief, joy, hope, sadness. Peacemakers Coalition fosters artistic expression via events, exercises, and community gatherings. These events are designed to reconnect people with the light of spirit for understanding, healing, and ultimately, peace.

Have You Been Called to Make a Change?

Many feel the pain of the world — the loneliness, the restlessness, the despair. We’re saddened and angered by what we see around us, yet few among us will accept the call and choose to act.

Peacemakers Coalition gives people the tools they need to change the world — to choose action over apathy, hope over despair.

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A New World Emerges

We don’t need to live silently in an era of darkness, distress, and disagreement. We’re empowered to be a force for change!

When you join Peacemakers Coalition, you’re promoting justice and peace in your community and the world. Indeed, as a Peace Maker, you’ve answered the call for a better world.

Fight Back Against the Darkness!

And restore the light inside and out that shines when we pursue peace.

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Renewed Connection

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit fostering healthy dialogue, acts of service, artistic expressions of peace.

Justice & Coexistence

Peacemakers Coalition empowers redemptive justice through higher consciousness. Because when we see the humanity in each other, equality is necessary.

Healing Communication

Open-hearted communication — the kind taught in the scriptures — can heal the world and through peace and cooperation. One conversation at a time.